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Your professional training

We will not only show you the most important basics of the trading business,
but also sensitize you to areas that usually go unnoticed

In our training, we provide you with an exciting insight into our market and trading philosophy.
Get to know the most important trading basics and rules and get a better understanding of trading strategies, which are perfect for beginners.

In combination with the elementary foundations of our Money-, Trade- & Risk-Management you will be able to venture
a first practical entry into the market after the module IV.

Only by attending our Seminar and/or Webinar can you obtain the necessary basic training that a professional trader should master.

MODULE I – Introduction and Orientation

Let’s take a look behind the scenes of this business and explain why the trading business is the “Champions League”.
On the first day of training, we will not talk about the industry’s positive,
but will show you why only a few professional traders manage to make a good living out of it.

On the first day we will learn that trading forex is not a game but a very
serious business and can only be successfully handled with the right tools
on hand and with the optimal daily preparation.

MODULE II – Basis for your Success

Here we connect directly to Module I, in which you will put the learned theory into practice immediately.
In Module II we will teach you how to understand market technology and what you can read from a chart.
You also place the first orders in the market and learn the opportunity-risk ratio (called ORR).

A perfectly coordinated money management is the alpha and omega in this business and therefore comes natural to our training.
This module teaches you how to find the best market entries, be able to accurately identify price objectives,
properly place stop-orders and to manage very disciplined the open positions.

MODULE III – Average Positive Performance

In Module III we show you how to make tactical and strategical adjustments to react in time of changing markets.
Proven methods are used to immerse in a deeper level of trading. You will not just see the underlying patterns and
recognize the structures of the markets, but learn how you can use these new insights correctly for your success.
Time and again, trade- and risk-management is brought to the forefront to prepare you for live trading.

MODULE IV – Trade like the Pros

In Module IV you will get to know the trading business at the highest level.
Together we professionalize your trading style or trading strategy on this last day of training.
On this day, you will learn the last secrets of a professional trader. A positive performance
with constant profits should not be a coincidence, but the end product of your education.
We protect you from the pitfalls of choosing your future broker.