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About 121fxcollege

The company 121 Research AG with head office in Switzerland, is the operator of 121fxcollege worldwide.


121fxcollege offers training for investors who want to trade their own money in the Forex (Currency) Market. With Forex, you can make a living,
provided you do it right and above all it is paramount to follow the rules very disciplined.

Professional trading is a profession you can learn.

The professional trading business includes very clear rules that must be implemented with complete discipline.
To be successful long term and sustainable, you need to understand all these processes from the ground up and learn them properly.
And that’s where our trading education starts. In our lectures and trainings you will learn currency trading explained
with all its obstacles, pitfalls and traps. In order to safely enter the foreign exchange market, we give you valuable tips
basic trading strategies and practical aids and teach you how the professionals earn their money.

years of Trading-Experience
months of Follow-up

Professional Follow-up

We will not leave you in the rain by yourself after the training days!

Because the training and above all the follow-up phase is very time-consuming for us,
we only offer 4 dates with max. 10 people per training.

We train you to become a Forex trading expert!